Space in a Plane.

Today’s skills class was conducted at the V&A museum, and in all honesty, I wasn’t too thrilled by it. Partly because it was a drawing class, one of my weakest skills, and partly because of the daunting tasks which seemed(and was actually) impossible to complete. I do like the V&A very much though, and that was a great consolation for me.

After Greg’s briefing, we went off to do our drawing. I quickly sat down in the contemporary glass gallery and started on my perspective drawing. As I drew, I noticed the other classmates drawing exceptionally well, and frankly, I felt really inferior. Basically, I felt that my 3 years spent in the discipline of landscape architecture had done nothing for my hand drawing skills. However, as we continued to draw the objects within the space, and subsequently the materials and textures, I suddenly felt inspired to work harder.

I went about drawing in as much detail as I could manage, and it felt phenomenal. I felt like I could actually do it with enough practice. The shading, rendition of form and basic mastery of my tools slowly, but surely improved with each drawing completed. I gradually learnt that detail and patience were inversely related, no surprises there. What was surprising though, was that in my pursuit of drawing better, I actually developed the patience to sit down and slowly articulate the details of a particular strongbox onto my sketchbook.

All in all, I felt that it was a great class, and I gained renewed vigor in my pursuit of better non-digital, technical skills.

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