Welcome to Lagos and Goodbye to waste

After watching the documentary, I feel that the people living in LagosĀ are an extremely resourceful group of people, and all this is driven by strong needs. As the saying goes, “There is no greater driver of technology than war”, and at it’s core essence, these Nigerians are essentially fighting a war for existence. Their technology is primitive, but effective, and each and every man in the system looks to waste in order to find his niche, his gold mine.

We see how things are not wasted, and people learn to adapt to what they are given, and this is extremely prevalent in the slaughter yard. People use every part of the cow they kill; flesh is eaten, hooves into shoes, blood into animal feed, even the contents of the stomach turned into fertilizer, literally nothing is wasted.

We can draw parallels to our more advanced society, as well, with recent technology focusing on material efficiency, recycling and other aspects of sustainability. While our inventions and innovations are more sophisticated than theirs, it is essentially the same thing, people striving to make their own world more livable.

At the end of the documentary, I was left feeling ashamed of the waste I produce on a daily basis, and was inspired to look more into sustainability.

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