Is Spaceship Earth an auto or manual drive?

The radio documentary about Richard Buckminister Fuller and his visions for a sustainable, efficient world was exactly as I expected. In my previous post about sustainability, I mentioned that sustainability was about being efficient in usage, as well as being innovated in creation. Fuller is the avatar of those ideals. Although his predictions and inventions were not all sound, their principle was. It was the idea of being so efficient that everybody had a share of the world, although, that sounds a little bit like socialism doesn’t it? But if we look back to modernism and its ideals, we realise that the reason why Fullers’ ideas and concepts didn’t exactly come to fruition are the same as why modernism failed in its ultimate goal; they were too far ahead of their time. But as the 21st century rolls by, we now see, bit by bit, that Fuller was right, and are revisiting his concepts of being efficient and environmentally and socially sustainable. Now, the question is, for the main bulk of us “normal people”, is the operation of spaceship Earth a manual or auto? I personally feel that a manual drive would result in a more efficient journey; what I mean is, we need to take charge of our own changes and actively move towards sustainability. whereas taking the “auto” approach, we would let the scientists and engineers find a solution, while we continue to folly. That said, what can one man do? In response to that, we can ask the question, “what did one man do?”, and look at Fuller for inspiration. We can all contribute in some way, actions, words, or thoughts. And actively taking a hard look at ourselves and moving towards sustainability would result in a more comfortable journey on our spaceship Earth.

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