• Curating Disobedience

    At the end of the event, I gained a warm, fuzzy feeling that the world is kinda-sorta okay again. Without much ado, here are the pictures of the event, as curated by me. (Sorry for some grainy photos, I didn’t have my camera on me ):) All in all, I loved the experience greatly!    

  • Of disobedience and labour

      So, after the stickers were designed and sent for print, I started to think about the presentation of our work within the space we was given. We decided on posters and flyers, civil revolution style, and we ended up with an infographic poster and matching flyers. The posters were mechanically printed and were well finished. The …

  • A disobedient take on Graphic Design

    You are what you believe in. We feel the best suited activity to compliment the Disobedient objects exhibition would emphasize the importance of our beliefs no matter where we come from or what role we play in society. Our beliefs bring us together.“Hi, I believe…” simply replaces the iconic, “Hi, my name is..” sticker with …

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